Pet Therapy for Seniors Inn at Summit Trail

Who doesn’t want a fun, furry friend to keep them company every day??? Becoming part of the Inn at Summit Trail can give you or a loved one the opportunity to have one.

Pet therapy has become more and more popular as a method of mild therapy for senior citizens. Types of pet therapy can vary depending on the needs of the elderly. Therapy for depression, anxiety, and dementia all exist and have all been documented to benefit elders mentally, emotionally, and even physically.

It has been proven that senior pet owners tend to be less likely to feel lonely, visit the doctor less often, use less medication, recover more quickly from surgery or illness, and deal better with stress. An infographic with a more in-depth explanation of the countless benefits of pet therapy can be found here.

At the Inn at Sumit Trail, we want our residents to feel as comfortable as possible. Animals that are used for pet therapy are put through various training methods to ensure the best experience for their prospective elder. Pets have basic obedience training, they understand how to interact with seniors who have various mobility aids such as wheelchairs or walkers, and they are well socialized being that they required to meet new people frequently.

Petful, a community built to benefit pets and pet owners, has put together a wonderful article about pet therapy and why it can be so great.