Will be responsible for the supervision of all residents and the nursing assistants. Will organize, plan and direct assisted care for residents, and make daily assignments to nursing assistants. Will be in charge of and responsible for entire facility when Administrators are not present.

Maintain Rights of Residents as set forth by the Ohio Department of Health Laws and Regulations.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned with or without reasonable accommodations.

Shows a sincere, caring, and respectful attitude to residents at all times.

Uses good communication skills with residents, families, and other staff members.

Identifies self as a nurse when communicating on telephone.

Maintains a professional, clean, neat appearance following nurse dress code.

Wears name tag with title prominently displayed.

Receives report from the last shift nurse and gives next nurse full report before leaving.

Admits, discharges, and transfers residents as needed.

Administers medications to residents as outlined by Company policy and procedures.

Maintains adequate inventory of medications and supplies.

Documents all falls, injuries, problems, or pertinent information on residents’ files.

Supervises nursing assistants’ assignments and adequate completion of same.

Assists and works with nursing assistants as required.

Documents on staff problems and works in conjunction with Director of Nursing on disciplinary counseling of staff.

Arranges appointments/transportation for residents.

Makes routine checks and maintains a safe environment at all times.

Frequently checks on residents who are having any symptoms of illness and/or injury, obtains a medical evaluation if indicated.

Notifies the doctor and/or family in case of accidents or problems with any resident.

Knowledgeable of and implements all safety, universal precautions, and Company policies/procedures for the protection of residents, coworkers, and self.

Complies with legal delegation procedures as defined in Nurse Practice Act.