Assisted Living & Memory Care in Reynoldsburg Ohio

The Inn At Summit Trail is a residential senior care provider with assisted living and memory care in Reynoldsburg, Ohio and opened in the Fall of 2017.

Choice, community, excellence, and a warm homelike atmosphere in a rural setting all make up a philosophy that works.

Seniors feel at home in a warm, caring atmosphere and feel safe in comfortable, quality surroundings.

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Senior assisted living

“We treat your loved ones as our Mothers and Fathers, Grandmothers and Grandfathers. Come be a part of our family.”

— Jerry McClain

At The Inn At Summit Trail we are committed to delivering the best senior assisted living. With a caring, professional, and friendly team, our goal is to ensure that each resident receives the utmost in personalized care and services.

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Senior activities

Life at The Inn

  • Residents choose their own day-to-day activities
  • Warm, caring atmosphere with safe comfortable, quality surroundings.
  • Specialized services that are individualized to meet the needs of each resident.
  • Trained care staff available with nursing 24 hours a day.

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“After touring The Inn at Summit Trail, I just knew that it was time for me to move in. The staff does a wonderful job. You have to live it to know how truly wonderful it is. I’m as happy as I could possibly be here.”

— Marjorie W.

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“I don’t know anywhere else I could live that I’d be happier”

— Madelyn H.

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“There’s no better place than The Inn at Summit Trail. My wife and I couldn’t be happier than we are here.”

— Bob S.

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